All Moobocatz are microchipped by us in the comfort of their Moobocatz home. We use the smallest of mini chips. All logged with Animaltracker.  Once you beautiful fur baby comes home with you an email will be sent to confirm your kitten has been registered and you confirm this is your kitten, its as simple as that!  You do not have to pay for the transfer as it has already been taken care of.  You are given the choice to buy a premium pack through Animal Tracker, however this is your choice and separate from us.  
Moobocatz offer a microchipping service in the comfort of your home to ensure your beloved pet is relaxed and happy in their environment.  DIscounts are given to litters and multiple Animals.  Please contact for more details. Maximum driving distance 30 miles with milage fule added.
We are Qualified, Certified and Insured

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