Panda Pops

Panda is our bicolour girl from import lines. She had her first litter of kittens in 2018 and proved to be a fantastic mother. She is over affectionate and always wants to be the first to greet you when you come home. We aim for panda to be bred with Aslan mid year.

Hypno Gizmo

Gizmo is our amazing chocolate spotted girl. She has produced amazing kittens of which we are extremely proud of. She is a fantastic mother. Her nature is second to none and she is extremely affectionate and loves everybody. We cannot wait to mate her this year. Blood group AB carrier 


Mindi is our beautiful Tortie And one of our new 2018 Moobocatz to the pride. She is Aslan sister from Polish import bloodlines. We are really excited to meet Mindi’s first litter April 2019  and cannot wait to see new colours to our cattery. Mindi is super affectionate and so loving thoroughly loves children and enjoys all the attention.  Blood group AB carrier 


Buffy is our timid blue cream white bi colour. Import bloodlines. Buffy enjoys quiet time. She is super friendly but enjoys her personal space. Buffy is due her first litter at the end of May 2019 And will be the last sired litter from our gorgeous main stud Mally. Blood group AB carrier 

Pretty Flora

Meet Pretty Flora our beautiful Blue and baby of the family. From imported bloodlines. Flora is so sweet and her name is so fitting. We cannot wait to use Flora late this year. Blood group B

Iris Blue

Iris is our retired Queen. She has done us So proud during her mating years. Iris has given us four beautiful litters of kittens and they have made many families very happy. Iris has been spayed and enjoys her life lounging and chilling out around the house. Iris is definitely the Queen of all of Moobocatz.

Peaches & Bluebell 

Peaches & Bluebell came to us recently. Both are beautifully natured and can’t wait for them to have 2020 litters. Peaches blood group A-BBluebell B We are still getting to know them both, but they seem to be settling in well. 

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