Moobocatz Kittens Information  

Our Kittens are reared in our family home. 

None of our kittens or queens venture beyond their purpose built Catio where they can experience the outdoors and come and go as they please in a safe environment.  Kittens are not allowed to do this until after their first inoculations. we prefer new owners to raise Moobocatz kittens indoors, However we do understand if this is not viable A secure cat proofed garden or catio is acceptable. An unsecured garden will not suffice. No cat Flap homes unless to safety area.

Moobocatz kittens will come with the whole package Micro chipped, TICA Registered as PET ONLY NON ACTIVE and come with all their paperwork. You will receive four weeks free pet insurance. Our kittens are ready to venture to their new homes at 13-15 weeks of age or until we are happy for them to leave us. They will all have a full veterinary health check and fully vaccinated against 'cat-flu', enteritis, and leukemia. Precautionary flea treated and wormed only using veterinary products. Kittens will be fully weaned, litter trained and will leave here in tip top health. We ask you to register your new arrival with your local vet within three days of taking them to their new home. Our cats and kittens are fed on a raw and dry grain free diet. We recommend it continues to guarantee your kittens health and growth.

Your beautiful fur baby will leave with their kitten pack which will include Food, litter, small blanket with mother’s scent, toys & goodies.   More importantly, we will provide essential info and support you settling your kitten.


British Shorthairs are well proportioned cats that boast a kind and sincere look about them which is one of the breed's most endearing features. They are known to have "teddy bear" looks with their large, round expressive eyes and compact, well-balanced, powerful bodies. They have round faces and full cheeks with a good width between their ears. Noses are short, broad and straight. When seen in profile cats have rounded foreheads showing a very slight nose break. They have firm, strong and deep chins and perfectly level bites.

Their ears are small being nicely rounded at the tips and set well apart on a cat's rounded head. The outside of their ears are well covered with hair with only a small amount of furnishing on the inside of them. Eyes are large, well opened and rounded being set nicely apart, but without showing any Oriental shape to them.

The British Shorthair has a strong, cobby body and short back. Chests are deep and they are big across their shoulders and rumps making them medium to large sized cats. Their legs are short and very strong with nice round, firm paws and close fitting toes with five on each of their front feet, but only four on their back feet. Tails are thick and moderately long being thicker at the base and boast having a rounded tip.

When it comes to their coat, the British Shorthair has a short, dense and crisp coat.


The British Shorthair is known for their kind, placid and affectionate nature. They love being involved in everything that goes on in their environment. They mature quite late which means they retain their kitten-like playfulness even as adult cats. They are also known to be very easy going, laid back characters that generally get on well with everyone which includes dogs and other animals.

With this said, British Shorthairs are not overly energetic and will happily lounge around the home if they can. They are not known to be very talkative cats, but once they form a strong bond with a family, this remains unbreakable throughout their lives and they are quick to let an owner know when it’s meal time. They love exploring, they adapt very well to being kept as indoor pets providing they are given lots of attention and plenty of things to play with. Also a catio or safe outdoor enclosure.

They are very intelligent cats and need enough stimulation to prevent them from becoming couch potatoes. Although not a lap cat, the British Shorthair will happily sit on a newspaper when an owner is trying to read it or they like to lounge on a keyboard when people are trying to work on a laptop which is another endearing trait about the breed.


The British Shorthair is an intelligent cat and as previously mentioned, one that likes to be involved in everything that goes on in their household. They are quick to learn new things and love to have a daily routine which if changed can stress them out. 

Children and Other Pets

British Shorthairs with their outgoing, affectionate personalities are the perfect choice for families with children and this includes toddlers. Being smart cats, they know when to get out of the way of smaller children when playtime starts to get too loud or too boisterous. 

The British shorthair will make the perfect addition to any household weather a busy family or a quiet home.


Often there is a lot of interest in a litter of kittens, with more people expressing an interest than the number of kittens available. I will invite people to visit in the order that they contacted me. Once a visit has been made, then a kitten or kittens are only secured through a deposit. Due to the high demand for kittens combined with a few frustrating time wasters and photograph collectors. Anyone wishing to reserve a kitten from a litter will be asked to place a deposit which is non-refundable but deducted from the final payment for the kitten.
Once the deposit has been accepted, the kitten must be collected in the week when the kitten is 13-14 weeks old. Any delay must be agreed between both parties before the kitten is 9 weeks. If the kitten is to be collected after it is 14weeks, it must be with prior consent by me and a further charge may be made.

I do apologise if all this may sound a little formal, however, at the end of the day, the cats and kittens welfare is paramount and I just ask people to remember and respect that.

PLEASE NOTE I reserve the right to cancel a sale if I deem it not in the kitten’s best interest.




On collection the new owner is to pay the full balance remaining. All new owners are expected to sign a contract agreeing to the Tica registered agreement, love & care of their new kitten.


Kittens Available 1 Male silver tabby 1 female blue creamReady mid june